This Is A Bugatti Divo Covered In Diamonds

The Bugatti Divo Lady Bug is the latest one-off that the firm has prepared after complex work on its bodywork. Eccentricity has no limits, this was made clear by this American collector who has commissioned the Bugatti Divo Lady Bug.

This hypercar that was presented in 2018 with an exclusive batch of 40 units was recently delivered to its client due to the difficulty of translating its requirements into its bodywork.

Specifically, its owner wanted to capture a geometric pattern of diamonds that are scattered throughout its body.

It was a difficult task for Bugatti employees to capture these 1,600 diamonds because the round shapes of their bodywork offset the small rhombuses.

In this way, the hatching of the Lady Bug was almost one to one to make it as planned.

In turn, the Special Red paint is mixed with a dark gray to complete that unrepeatable and original look.

On the sides of the Bugatti Divo Lady Bug, the French flag stands out as a standard.

For its part, it maintains an 8.0-liter W16 engine that develops 1,500 horsepower and 1,600 Nm of torque, with a seven-speed DSG transmission and all-wheel drive.

Thanks to this, its maximum speed is stipulated in nothing more and nothing less than 380 km / h.

The Bugatti Divo Lady Bug finally comes to light after a complex work by each person who spent many hours on her delicate body.

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