Finally, there is a third member of the contemporary Alfa Romeo family. The 2023 Tonale will share the worldwide dealerships with the larger Giulia sedan and Stelvio crossover SUV, bringing several firsts. Like NFTs, or a PHEV powertrain, among many others. However, the open-top Spider body style is not among them…

People are still trying to figure out if Alfa Romeo is going to offer a fully electric Tonale and perhaps even a feisty Quadrifoglio version. That is over across the rumor mill. And it relates to real-world development. Meanwhile, in the virtual realm pixel masters are already hard at work imagining potential flagship GTA variants.

The latest unofficial interpretation comes from the virtual artist behind the superrenderscars account on social media. And we naturally have it embedded below, as there is something about GTAs that just gets our blood flowing. Alas, there is one CGI expert that is even harder at work.

Better known under the X-Tomi Design alias on social media, this virtual artist has seemingly entered an Alfa Romeo Tonale-loving phase. And he is virtually cooking up an entire series of digital creations. They all started with the ubiquitous Tonale QV GTA. But he did not stop there.
Next up came the “Coupe” design study that –if ever real – would see Alfa Romeo’s Tonale fight off premium crossovers like Audi’s Q3 Sportback, BMW’s X2, or the Mercedes-Benz GLA, among others. Now it is also time for a cross into potential high controversy territory. Yes, even more so than a five-door coupe-SUV.

This is because the pixel master envisioned the 2023 Tonale losing the rear doors and the roof for another CGI attempt at an open-top SUV. Just like the appalling Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet, or the passable Range Rover Evoque Convertible, this one also does not have a traditional two-seat arrangement. And that’s probably why it would never work… among many other reasons!

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