Back in 1977, ISO 3833 defined the coupe as having two doors. But curiously enough, SAE J1100 doesn’t specify the number of doors. These very inconsistencies made it possible for the Mercedes-Benz CLS to be defined as a coupe. The Stuttgart-based automaker is also blameworthy for giving the designation to the GT 4-Door Coupe, which actually rocks five doors.

The biggest offenders, however, are those manufacturers who market SUVs with sloping rooflines as coupe SUVs. The most obvious of these offenders is Bayerische Motoren Werke although SsangYong should also be mentioned ‘cause the Actyon predates the X6 concept by two years.

For all its wrongs and rights, Alfa Romeo surprisingly refrained from giving the all-new Tonale a coupe-inspired roofline outback. But as it’s often the case with newly launched automobiles, pixel wizards are much obliged to explore alternate designs for them. X-Tomi Design is the gentleman responsible for the coupe-ified Tonale in the featured photo, which doesn’t look half bad albeit it fails to prove its worthiness in two obvious ways.

Firstly, do you really want less rear headroom and cargo capacity? But more importantly, do you really think you can stand out in this proverbial sea of coupe SUVs? Once regarded as oddballs, these cars are very commonplace right now because pretty much everyone has copied the BMW E71 X6.

Alfa Romeo hasn’t said whether it’s considering a coupe-styled Tonale to take on the Audi Q3 Sportback. But happily, for the Italian automaker’s most loyal enthusiasts, the Tonale Quadrifoglio is being considered.

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