Starting his career as a passionate car spotter willing to wait days to capture the delivery of exclusive exotics, Shmee’s success as an automotive YouTuber quickly led him to acquire a collection full of dream cars. Along with impressive examples like his McLaren Senna, Ford GT, Ferrari SF90, and many more, Shmee also shares a passion for smaller independent carmakers. With only a few short drives out of the country in his $2 million Zenvo TSR-S, Shmee takes advantage of a dry U.K. day to take a first drive through central London. The journey begins with a drive throughout the countryside to warm up the Zenvo’s 1,104 horsepower twin-turbocharged LS7 V8 engine.

The wild Lilla Perlemor hypercar enters the city with a slew of spotters grabbing their cameras to document what may be the only time they ever see a Zenvo TSR-S on the road. While only a select few may actually realize what kind of hypercar it is, bystanders look puzzled as some guess it’s a Lamborghini. A red Bugatti Veyron joins Shmee for a quick hypercar photoshoot and convoy through the streets. Back at the Shmuseum, Shmee announces that he will be taking the Zenvo TSR-S on countless driving events all around the world.

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