Lexus has unveiled the LF-ZC concept, a strikingly styled electric hatchback/coupe that will go on sale in 2026. The LF-ZC is based on a new electric architecture and will feature all-wheel drive and steer-by-wire technology.

Design and Features

  • The LF-ZC’s design philosophy is described as “provocative simplicity” and features unique headlight design and concave and convex shapes.
  • The concept’s interior includes touch-sensitive digital pads for controls, next-generation prismatic battery packs, and the new Arene OS with AI-enabled virtual functions.

Impressive Specifications

  • The LF-ZC is longer than the previous Lexus IS and has a low height, targeted drag coefficient of 0.20, and promising range.
  • Lexus claims the next-generation prismatic battery packs will offer approximately twice the range of conventional EVs.

Exciting Technology and Features

  • The LF-ZC will have the ability to engage in e-sports using steer-by-wire technology and will feature the new Arene OS and the AI-enabled virtual function called Butler.
  • The larger LF-ZL model will have sliding rear doors, a substantial size, and additional features.

Future Plans

  • Lexus plans to be EV only by 2035 and has trademarked multiple names, suggesting more electric models to come.
  • Overall, Lexus is showcasing an exciting electric future with the LF-ZC concept and its upcoming production model.

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