Dubbed the Lamborghini Centaurus Concept by its digital creator, Hycade, it features some of the styling traits of the Centenario, although on an exaggerated level.

The multi-fin design at both ends, visible on the bumpers, diffuser, and humongous wing, is similar to that of the Aventador-based supercar, which was built in limited numbers in 2016 and 2017. Contributing to the new looks of the super SUV are the lower body attachments, additional vents in the front fenders, big exhaust pipes, and wheels, also inspired by the ones equipping the Centenario.

As a final touch, the rendering artist has brought the entire body closer to the ground, and instead of calling it a day, he has also imagined it in several paint finishes. The white one is probably the best looking of the bunch, though the grey example, contrasted by light green accents, isn’t too shabby either, and neither are the blue and dark red ones.

Still, even though we are very much aware that such a transformation wouldn’t do justice to the model, we cannot help but wonder if, for the right sum, someone truly interested would make a tuner say ‘yes’ to it.

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