The muscular 1967 Electric Mustang was unveiled by Charge Cars. The 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback model served as its inspiration. According to Charge Cars, the 1967 Electric Mustang is not a replica, a restomod, or a redesign. Everything about it is brand new. It has been referred to be the Legend’s rebirth.

At the Petersen Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, the 1967 Electric Mustang was today given its formal debut. Later, it will be on display at the Los Angeles Auto Show. For those of you who enjoy the smell of gasoline and the roar of a V8 engine in classic muscle vehicles, this 1967 Electric Mustang will be a strange experience. In 2023, it has a lot of brand-new inside and external upgrades.

The fact that the external and interior finishes have been created with a fresh style that is strikingly close to the classic 1967 Mustang Fastback is something to be admired. Another thing to note is that just 499 of these limited-edition electric cars will ever be produced worldwide.

It’s fully electric and there are four electric motors placed on each axle. Two e-motors were placed on the front powertrain and another two e-motors were placed on the rear powertrain. It is equipped with a four-independent-wheel drive system (4iWD). It is very different from the 4WD system. It allows the wheels connected to each motor to drive independently. This system offers a superior driving experience.

As the prime mover, four electric motors produce a maximum 536Hp and 1520 Nm of torque to bring the power the 1967 Electric Mustang needs. These four electric motors are powered by a floor-mounted 63Kwh battery pack. Charge Cars says that the 1967 Electric Mustang takes just 3.9 seconds to hit 0-60 Mph. They recommend 200 miles per single charging.

  • Peak Power – 400 Kw
  • DC Charging – 50 Kw

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