The Alfa Romeo C18 concept, like many past Alfa designs, is inspired by beauty and emotion.
The C18, on the other hand, is more contemporary, sleek, and futuristic, making it an excellent candidate for the next Alfa supercar. Beauty, like almost everything else, is in the eye of the beholder, and we realize this design will not appeal to everyone
This is especially true of the front end. While we think it’s attractive, some could say that it lacks the ferocity of previous Alfa models. The windshield is one of the car’s unique characteristics. Starting at the front, it reaches over the driver and acts as the roof.

The front of the Alfa Romeo C18 is distinguished by the unmistakable Alfa Romeo triangle scudetto and the LED running lights. The combination of vents and headlamps is also extremely intriguing.

The backend design is as near as ideal as it gets. Two circular taillights joined by a narrow strip of LED are a fantastic piece of design. The shell that envelops the whole back end is also unusual, and it is a characteristic that would be well-accepted in the automobile market.

The profile view displays the massive vents that are flawlessly integrated into the overall design. The design is completed with a 4-leaf clover and forceful side skirts.

Finally, the Alfa Romeo C18 concept is a remarkable exercise in creation by a very skilled artist who was able to represent all of the brand’s characteristics. Only time will tell if it will ever see the light of day in any form, but the possibilities are small.

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