Porsche 911 Electric Vehicle By Sandor Boldog This is an independent design study, made by designer Sandor Boldog, for a future electric 911, which is not related to or sanctioned by Porsche. Porsche has claimed that its iconic 911 sports car will be the latest model to adopt all-electric technology and is investing in green synthetic fuels and hybrid variants that can allow their cars to stay alive.

Freshman in Transportation Design from the ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, Boldog envisioned a future 911, which maintains the classic proportions of Porsche’s most famous product, to maintain a sense of continuity, despite switching out its icon Nico motin’ flat six’ for an EV. But Boldog also believes that it is important for Porsche to differentiate it from any version, of the 911, that can continue in parallel. And the designer thinks he could do this by adopting a much more bold and futuristic look.

A wide rear strip makes it clear that the two electric motors are mounted on the back of the car, and this muscular look is amplified by the way the door covers go in, to give the car a tight belt and create a Couple of gigantic tickets air. Boldog says cooling and aerodynamics of the bodywork is a fundamental part of the car design.

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