America’s favorite car has been fully redesigned for 2025! This all-new Toyota Camry will be at your local dealer lots in Spring 2024, and Toyota has decided to drop both the gas-only 2.5L and 3.5L engines. All Camry will now only be offered as a Camry Hybrid for 2025. It has the latest 5th generation version of the 2.5L gas engine paired with either 2 or 3 electric motors. You can finally get AWD on a Camry Hybrid for the first time, and Toyota says combined power will be 225 HP for the FWD Camry, while AWD models will make 232 HP, about 30 more ponies than the old AWD gas-only Camry. No word yet on MPG or performance numbers, but the interior adopts the larger 12.3” touch screen, and XLE and XSE trims also get a standard 12.3” instrument panel. The new Camry is similar in size to the only model, with only the overall length increasing by about 1.4” versus a 2024 model. There is no pricing yet, but we anticipate this car to start at just under $30k for a base LE Hybrid trim.

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