Ferrari introduced the Ferrari KC23, the newest model in its One-Off line. One of the top collectors of the Prancing Horse commissioned this latest piece from the marque’s Special Projects program. The KC23 one-off is a daring and extreme interpretation of what could be possible in closed-wheel racing down the road. Thanks to innovative aerodynamic solutions like motorized air intake vents and an imposing rear wing, the “Evo 2020” version of the 488 GT3, the most successful track car in Maranello’s 76-year history, is a superb new interpretation that manages the amazing feat of enthralling the viewer when in motion and radiating elegance when at a standstill.

As a result, the car has an unbroken beauty that seems to have been carved from a single block of metal. A number of the car’s technological features are also concealed by the design, most notably the side air intakes that activate when the mid-rear V8 twin turbo is fired up. The KC23’s shape changes based on its intended purpose, giving it an almost lifelike appearance. When not in use on the track, the rear wing can be removed to emphasize the vehicle’s neat, elegant lines.

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