The 2024 Mazda MX-5 Miata (ND3) has received several key updates that enhance its already impressive driving dynamics. The most notable changes are a revised steering system and a new limited-slip differential.
The new steering rack provides more heft and natural off-center response, improving the car’s already excellent steering feel and communication. Combined with the Miata’s talkative chassis, the updated steering allows the driver to better feel the road surface and the car’s movements.

The new limited-slip differential also plays a significant role in the Miata’s improved handling. It has different locking factors on and off throttle, which helps stabilize the car under braking and on corner entry, while also reducing understeer on corner exit.
These changes, along with the Miata’s inherent strengths of light weight, perfect balance, and a willing naturally aspirated engine, make the ND3 an even more engaging and capable sports car. The Miata remains the benchmark for pure driving fun, even when compared to much more expensive and powerful track-focused machines.

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