• Complete vehicle conversion
  • Full modification to the 2-door coupe
  • Base vehicle: “MANSORY Venatus EVO S
  • Limited edition of 8
  • “One of One” philosophy: Each vehicle is delivered as a one-off
  • Individual seats with individualized center console in the rear
  • Power increase to 900 hp and 1.100 Nm
  • performance: Vmax 323 km/h and 0-100 km/h in 2.9 – much more to
  • CO2 emissions (combined): 355 g/km
  • Fuel consumption (combined): 14,9 l/100km

The Lamborghini Urus continues to enjoy very strong demand worldwide in the luxury off-roader segment and is also one of the most popular basic vehicles for complete conversions among MANSORY’s international customer’s thanks to its unbroken popularity.

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