Naturally, the little Tonale became the digital visage donor not only for Giulia’s facelifts but also for the upcoming Dodge Hornet counterpart. Even better, pixel masters rushed to imagine refreshed Quadrifoglio and GTA versions to make sure high-performance Italian sedans would carry on the legacy. But then, life happened, and Alfa’s struggles were left forgotten.

Still, that was only until BMW decided to kick off the M GmbH celebrations with the introduction of its limited-edition 2023 M4 CSL and then followed through with cool stuff like the 2023 M3 Sedan 50th-anniversary series. Naturally, all of a sudden, CGI experts like kelsonik remembered there was a cool Italian thoroughbred (embedded second below) that could battle the M3 four-door – though it still needed a little bit of a refreshment.

Even better, another digital content creator – Germany-based virtual artist Andras Veres, better known as Andras.s.veres on social media, has also abandoned his country’s sports car for something Italian. And when you love the BMW M4 CSL, but you need an Italian car” it seems there is just one possible (albeit virtual) solution: a 2023 Alfa Romeo Giulia GTA Race edition… packing just two doors!

Yes, a Giulia coupe is back at the side of a track, even if only digitally. Too bad we only get to see it from the usual front three-quarters POV, and it is even sadder that we are dealing with something that is probably merely wishful thinking. As for what could be hiding under the hood, the GTA/GTAm would certainly need to up their 533 hp game at least a little bit to properly compete with the 540-horsepower M4 CSL track beast, especially since the Bavarians just nailed a new production car best for the company at the Nürburgring Nordschleife racetrack!

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