Toyota is previewing a sports car it intends to showcase later this month at the Japan Mobility Show. The coupe has futuristic styling that looks different from the GR86 or Supra on sale today. The electric sports coupe is called “FT-Se” and features Gazoo Racing badges. It has a zero-emission powertrain and a fresh exterior design. The concept has a unique interior design that is unrelated to the GR86 and Supra. It includes a digital instrument cluster and new kneepads for protection.

It is uncertain if Toyota intends to launch a subsequent production version. Rumors suggest there are plans to revive the Celica and introduce a new MR2.

More details about the FT-Se Concept will be revealed at the 2023 Japan Mobility Show. Press days for the show start on October 25 or 26. Toyota is known for its exciting sports cars. The brand has previously showcased concepts like the MX-1 and MX-2

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