This year, Toyota continues to push the boundaries of innovation and design with its range of vehicles, from the small C-HR to the beefy Grand Highlander SUV The Highlander will soon be available with a seven or eight-seater long wheelbase, making it a more spacious than ever. The C-HR will no longer be available in the US market, but Toyota has replaced it with the all-new Corolla Cross.

The international version of the C-HR will continue for a second generation, as it seeks to combine elements of its Prologue Concept and the bZ range of all-electric CUVs. According to digital car content creator Henry Andrus (photo.chopshop), the vehicle also deserves some quirky passion. Taking his creativity one step further, Andrus came up with an imaginative idea combining elements of the limited-production Fenyr SuperSport sports car from Toyota C-HR and W Motors, with Lykan HyperSport DNA. If this became reality, it would surely be a crazy project! 2023.

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