Apparently, Ferrari cannot make a bad car, and based on reviews of the 812 Competizione, it could be one of the finest road cars it has ever produced. When specced correctly, it is also one of the most striking.

It is no secret that most individuals buying a Ferrari opt to have it painted in a simple shade of red. Sure, red is synonymous with Ferrari but some naysayers also refer to it as ‘resale red’, suggesting owners only go for red to help when it comes to selling their car. We love all of Ferrari’s shades of red but do appreciate something different. This 812 Competizione is different.

The exterior of the track-focused Italian grand tourer is painted in a color dubbed Blu Le Mans. The color suits the 812 perfectly and has been contrasted by a yellow racing stripe running across the center of the car. The owner of this 812 also opted to have it fitted with various exposed carbon fiber parts, including the front air intakes, side skirts, and rear diffuser. The only thing we’re not a fan of is the yellow tire lettering.

This 812 Competizione was recently pictured outside Ferrari’s official dealership in Monte Carlo and like the exterior, the interior is also special. Most surfaces in the cabin are clad in black Alcantara but the car does feature some exposed carbon fiber elements on the steering wheel and various switchgear. Adding some color is yellow accents on the seats, instrument cluster shroud, and dashboard.

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