As we wrote in several articles before, one of the biggest missed opportunities when it comes to Alfa Romeo Giulia is the coupe version. The management didn’t find coupe as potentially desirable, and they were wrong, to say the least. It is one of the big factors which reflected on the sale numbers of the mentioned model.

However, thanks to the talented artists we saw on numerous occasions what the two-door version would look like.

Today, we are bringing you the vision of a very talented artist Maxim Shershnev.

He devised a design study portraying the next generation of Giulia in the coupe version, and it perfectly captures the essence of Alfa.

Studies like these are something Alfa should pay close attention to. The main reason for this is the appeal. An Alfa like this in coupe version would definitely sell.

The design overall is stunning and visually it is ready for production. Modern sleek headlights, recognizable scudetto, and smooth yet aggressive lines exude Italian sleekness and style, and overall it pays a dividend to the brand.

The main reason we at Alfisti Crew admire this particular vision is its eccentricity. While it is unusual in its own way, it is still stunning and would stand out from the crowd with its boldness.

It is exactly the philosophy that made Alfa famous, and it is definitely the way the brand should be heading. While understandably mass-produced vehicles are necessary, the main people of the brand should not dilute the Alfa just to sell more cars. It is a special brand and the only way for it to survive is to continue making special cars.

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