Since the company was founded in 1925, the Chrysler brand has continued to delight customers with its distinctive designs, craftsmanship, and intuitively innovative technology – all at an extraordinary value.

Chrysler has introduced the Chrysler Halcyon Concept, which represents a future for the Chrysler brand where electric vehicles are the norm and the design of both exterior and interior are focused on sustainability. The concept car features full autonomy, allowing for personalized driving experiences, and advanced technology that aligns with the company’s customer-centric “Harmony in Motion” philosophy, emphasizing seamless connectivity.

Chrysler Halcyon Concept integrates complementary STLA Brain, STLA SmartCockpit, and STLA AutoDrive technologies to achieve “Harmony in Motion”

Chrysler will launch the brand’s first battery-electric vehicle in 2025 and will feature an all-electric portfolio in 2028. The Chrysler Halcyon Concept reinforces the brand’s commitment to the Stellantis Dare Forward 2030 plan, which cultivates the electrified and more efficient propulsion systems that will enable Stellantis to cut its global carbon footprint by 50% by 2030 and to lead the transportation industry by achieving net carbon zero by 2038.

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