Mazda is considering a new two-rotor sports car, the Mazda Iconic SP, which blends rotary engine technology with electric vehicle (EV) capabilities. This concept, revealed at the Japan Mobility Show, features a twin-rotor rotary engine used as a generator to recharge the batteries, supporting an electric drivetrain that produces 365 horsepower. The Iconic SP aims to revive Mazda’s rotary engine legacy, reminiscent of the RX-7, and marks a significant step toward a hybrid future for sports cars.

The vehicle showcases modern design elements and advanced technology, including a highly scalable rotary engine that can run on various fuels, including hydrogen. The rotary engine’s primary function is as a range extender, recharging the battery rather than directly driving the wheels. This setup promises a blend of performance and efficiency, potentially offering a 50:50 weight distribution and impressive handling characteristics.

Mazda’s commitment to innovative powertrain solutions and sustainable driving experiences is evident in the Iconic SP, indicating a possible future production model that combines the excitement of rotary power with the benefits of electric propulsion

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