Hyunsik Moon has designed a performance vehicle called ONE+ONE which aims to enhance the value of performance on the road. The vehicle name represents the concept of a 1+1 seater package that it follows. It features a dual capsule cabin, providing each driver with their own enclosed cockpit space, ensuring that they can focus entirely on driving without any distractions. This arrangement gives the driver the feeling of being seated in a single-driven race car, with a personalized atmosphere.

The steering wheel is adjustable, providing Alpha and Beta driving modes. When switched to autonomous mode, the seats slide back and out of the dual capsule, creating space for the drivers to share their exclusive moments of driving the AMG performance vehicle.

ONE+ONE is built on a power dome battery platform, which exposes the battery to the exterior and creates an iconic and bold front mask. The same design theme continues to the dual capsule and sleek rear end, creating a clean and pure sculpture. The power dome battery platform contains the performance DNA of AMG, while the pure Mercedes sculpture goes on top, resulting in ONE+ONE.

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