Hyundai parts group Mobis introduced a concept car called Mobion at CES 2024. Mobion is based on the Ioniq 5 but features a next-generation “e-Corner System.” The e-Corner System allows all four wheels to turn independently, with the ability to rotate upwards of 90 degrees. This mobility is greater than the GMC Hummer EV’s Crabwalk feature, enabling lateral movement.

The “in-wheel” technology integrates each wheel’s electric motor, braking, steering, and suspension functions. The absence of axle shafts or additional brake components allows the Mobion to drive sideways for easy parallel parking and perform pivot turns. The Mobion features new exterior lighting for various alerts, such as warning other drivers about pedestrian crossings. It can project images onto the ground in a 360-degree spectrum to signal the car’s intended direction.

Hyundai has not provided information about the future applications of the e-Corner System.

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