Ferrari (Ferrari) is an Italian car manufacturer, founded by Enzo in 1929; Ferrari mainly manufactures Formula One racing cars, racing cars, and high-performance sports cars. Most of the cars produced by Ferrari are hand-made, with an annual output of about 4,300 units. Headquartered in Maranello, near Modena, Italy.

Ferrari’s latest unique bespoke offering has been released, and that’s the SP48unica, which has a V8 heart and, albeit based on the F8 model, the body has been largely redesigned. A customer commissioned this one-of-a-kind creation with a long-standing relationship with Ferrari. Sources say the customer was deeply involved every step of the way throughout the design and manufacturing process.

The V8 engine of the SP48 Unica is likely to be inherited from a V8 engine. Before it can deliver 710 hp and 568 lb-ft of torque, catapult the vehicle to 62 mph in 2.9 seconds, hit 124 mph in 7.8 seconds, and have a top speed of 211 mph. This is basically at the mainstream level for a V8-powered sports car.

The all-new front end was developed using digital modeling techniques, with a ROMA shadow as a whole, and the SP48 has designed a three-dimensional grille that gives the supercar a whole new front. The rear is also new, with the rear window cover removed to completely close it, and the rear of the car replaced with a slim LED light bar for the square taillights, which are a bit more curvaceous than the more rounded ROMA before. In addition to the new wheel design, the SP48 Unica’s side air intakes are mounted slightly lower and there are noticeable changes in the shape. The black finish on the side skirts comes from carbon fiber.

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