This is because all rivals have something new, as well. The 2023 Ram HD trucks have been thoroughly upgraded, the 2024 Chevy Silverado HD is more powerful than before, and so on. Alas, while we wait for GMC to also present its refreshed 2024 Sierra HD line, let us contemplate an exciting thought.

What if General Motors decided it was about time it allowed Cadillac the fabled return to the pickup truck party with a revival of the ill-fated Cadillac Escalade EXT? The latter lived a short life throughout just two generations, from 2003 to 2007 and for the 2008 to 2013 model years. But wait, there is more, as someone has decided to imagine this with a twist. So, what if the reinvented Caddy EXT would be a heavy-duty offering to trump every other model currently on the market?

Well, it is not hard to understand this is merely wishful thinking, all taking place in the cozy environment of the automotive world’s digital realm. There, Jim, the virtual artist better known as jlord8 on social media, sure knows how to juggle our Americana dreams and now CGI-cooked a monster dually truck out of the ubiquitous Caddy Escalade luxury SUV.

This CGI Escalade EXT would not be just any other full-size pickup truck; it would be the definitive heavy-duty hauler, complete with the edgy looks of the fifth generation, steps on the sides to properly recall the times when some of GM’s trucks were affectionately called, well, ‘Stepside,’ and a proper dually rear axle to make sure nothing could stop it from trailering… anything! Now that is a proper humongous pickup truck sight to behold.

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