First unveiled in 2008, the BMW GINA Light Visionary Model concept sports a virtually seamless outer skin, consisting of a flexible fabric material stretched over a movable substructure. The shape-shifting exterior’s functions are only activated when they are needed such as the headlights.

BMW’s interpretation of familiar functional and structural concepts 15 years ago aimed to change the way in which drivers experienced their vehicles. They reduced the functions to the essentials that adapt to the driver’s wishes, thus enhancing the vehicle’s emotional appeal and fulfilling a key objective of the GINA philosophy.

“With this model, BMW Group Design provides fresh impetus for a fundamental debate about exactly what characteristics will be influencing automotive development in tomorrow’s world. Built as more of a research subject than a concept vehicle, the GINA Light visionary model presents a vision of the future automobile based on a distinctive philosophy of its own,” said the company.

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