The extremely brilliant Luca Serafini created the design research. This design’s quirkiness, aggressiveness, and originality are the major factors that make it so fascinating to us. Perhaps the designer adopted the attitude of the auto industry in the 1980s and 1990s when automakers took pleasure in their work and did things their own way.

Although the Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT’s general design is different from the original, several design elements are similar. The primary ones would be the vent slats behind the doors and the headlights. The whole aesthetic is futuristic and would make a stunning statement in the brand’s electrified portfolio.

Not everyone will enjoy the Alfa Romeo Montreal Vision GT, but that doesn’t mean it has to be. To see the design’s actual worth, you must have a keen eye. The truth is in the details because they come together perfectly to form a single gorgeous design.

In the end, the design, and the artist Luca Serafini paid tribute to the original in a perfect way. Many designs were developed trying to recreate the modern version of Montreal, but this is the best one by far.

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