Depending on what you define as a ‘supercar,’ the Alfa Romeo 4C doesn’t exactly fit the bill. The sports car, sure, but in order to really up its image in the high-end performance community, Alfa Romeo would have to do and build something dramatic. Its solution lies in this concept.

It’s dubbed the Alfa Romeo Furia and was rendered by artist Paul Breshke of Breshke Design. If you’re familiar with that name, he’s the same artist behind two equally beautiful concepts, the Bugatti Gangloff, and the Delahaye 94. His latest creation follows a similar style.

Long and sleek, the Furia takes a few modern cues and melds them seamlessly with the iconic Alfa Romeo design. The 33 Stradale, GTV Spider, and even 4C can be attributed to being some of his main vehicles of inspiration. The front end is immediately recognizable for Alfa, while the rear is something new entirely, putting to use healthy amounts of carbon fiber in a sophisticated and angular style.

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