Introducing the remarkable Porsche Speedtail, a stunning all-electric supercar designed by Ian Tan. This magnificent vehicle is built on the solid foundation of a Porsche Tycan and features a breathtakingly beautiful body that blends smooth curves and sharp lines that are reminiscent of a McLaren.

What makes the Porsche Speedtail truly remarkable is the clever use of animated light trims that are carefully placed throughout the design. When viewed in the dark, this supercar comes to life like something straight out of a science fiction movie. Additionally, the rear cover is equipped with piston-actuated flaps that reveal an illuminated interior, giving the car an almost lifelike and otherworldly appearance.

Overall, the Porsche Speedtail is an engineering marvel that combines the latest in electric vehicle technology with sleek and captivating design elements, making it an absolute joy to behold.

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