Despite being an old model since 2001, the Nissan GT-R R35 had a successful 2023, with a 584% sales increase in the U.S.
At the Japan Mobility Show in October, Nissan showcased the Hyper Force concept, hinting at a next-gen car with 1,341 horsepower.  The Hyper Force concept features front and rear motors, all-wheel drive, butterfly doors, and a pixelated GT-R logo.

Nissan’s program design director, Giovanny Arroba, suggests the Hyper Force could become a production model by 2030, calling it a “daring but tangible dream.”
Opinions on the concept were mixed, with some suggesting a combustion engine for the next supercar, while others reacted positively to an all-electric setup. Nissan’s global product boss, Ivan Espinosa, expressed a plan to wait for solid-state batteries to mature before launching an electric GT-R.

The Hyper Force had a dual-motor setup, and Espinosa didn’t rule out the possibility of adding a third or fourth motor to the R36.  Nissan plans to launch an EV with solid-state batteries in 2028, promising double energy density and triple charging speed compared to lithium-ion batteries. Solid-state batteries are expected to enhance the feasibility of producing large SUVs and pickup trucks, according to David Moss, Nissan’s vice president for R&D in Europe.

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