The upcoming 2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 with EQ Technology is an electric version of the iconic G-wagen, featuring a variety of enhancements and capabilities geared towards modern electric vehicle technology. Below are the key points about this model:

Design and Branding:

Mercedes-Benz is reviving the traditional letter-plus-number naming scheme, naming this model the G580. The SUV maintains a visual similarity to its combustion engine counterparts, the G550 and AMG G63, with some subtle design tweaks for aerodynamics.

Performance and Engineering:

The G580 is equipped with a 116.0-kWh battery pack integrated into the vehicle frame, which also acts as a structural component. It features a quad-motor setup producing 579 horsepower and 859 lb-ft of torque, enabling sophisticated, independent torque management at each wheel. This setup eliminates the need for traditional differentials, using advanced driving technologies like G-steering and G-turn for superior maneuverability. It maintains a rugged capability with underbody armor designed to protect against off-road hazards.

Off-road Capabilities:

Enhanced wading depth compared to gas models, thanks to thorough waterproofing except for the HVAC air intake. Special attention has been given to its capacity to handle extreme temperature changes and rough terrains during off-road conditions.

Charging and Range:

The G580 supports a peak DC fast-charge rate of 200 kW and comes with an 11.0 kW onboard charger. Estimated 230–250 miles range on a full charge, based on preliminary expectations.

Pricing and Options:

The launch version, known as Edition One, is priced at $168,000. Customers can personalize their G580 through the Manufaktur customization program, offering an assortment of unique exterior colors.

Expected Functional Enhancements:

Advanced features like a switch between low and high gear ranges while driving, and an ability for flat-towing. Physical articulation and suspension dynamics are optimized even without air springs, ensuring both performance durability, and comfort.

These features position the 2025 Mercedes-Benz G580 as a fully capable electric off-roader that retains the luxurious and iconic attributes of the traditional G-wagen while introducing modern, electric-specific enhancements.

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