According to clarifications by journalist @automaistv, from @joaobrigato, the Stellantis group is already working on the new generation of Jeep Renegade, which is scheduled for 2025. The next generation model will be the first national vehicle, taking over the new STLA Small platform, replacing the Goiana/PE plant, for the Betim/MG plant – the complex should begin the implementation process of the platform for use in the p Roxi compact models of the group. With this, the current plant will only continue to assemble products with the Small Wide 4×4 base. Because they are global products, Jeep Renegade and Compass, will use this new platform in their future generations, after all, the architecture was developed for hybrid and 100% electric vehicles (something very important for Europe).

In the design question, it will take strong inspiration from the Wrangler and keep the square format (we can get a clue to the Recon concept); under the hood is expected the adoption of the new 1.0 T200 engine of up to 130 hp power and the 1.3 T270 of up to 185 hp power; worth to remember that the base will need more modifications to it since it was only intended for three-cylinder engines.

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