Highs Elegant exterior styling, sumptuously-outfitted cabin, range of powerful and polished powertrains. Lows Six-figure starting price, plug-in hybrid only offered on the base trim, snug third-row headroom. Verdict Suave, sophisticated, and sybaritic, the 2023 Range Rover is everything a flagship luxury SUV should be.

What attracts global elites to the Range Rover isn’t the SUV’s legendary off-road capability, but its effortlessly elegant styling, its opulent cabin, and the A-list status that it’s developed over the years. The list of Range Rover owners even includes Her Majesty the Queen. One couldn’t ask for a better brand ambassador. The 2023 model represents the most luxurious Range Rover yet. A trio of powertrain options—including a hybrid—deliver ample power; the brand’s most considerable SUV comports itself through traffic regally, with a smooth ride and a hushed interior.

Venturing off-road is undoubtedly an option for Range Rover owners; all-wheel drive is standard and the air suspension can be raised to provide extra ground clearance—although we know that few will actually dare to subject this rolling art piece to such indignity. The Range Rover starts at over $100,000, which means it’s more expensive than rivals such as the Cadillac Escalade, the Jeep Grand Wagoneer, and the Mercedes-Benz GLS-class. So be it. The Range’s reputation, presence, and royal endorsement all help justify its premium price tag.

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