Aygo X is the production version of the Aygo X Prologue concept car designed by Sophia Antipolis’ TEDD (Toyota Europe Design Development) design center led by Ian Cartabiano.

The Toyota Aigo X is a small, urban, and well-designed recreational vehicle. It is the successor to the mini Igo car – but the latest X is significantly larger than it in every dimension, and also includes an addition of 5 cm in height and giant rims in favor of the Jeep look. Relatively small. In addition, the rear windows open to a narrow slit only. The equipment list mainly includes an original multimedia system, but the safety accessories specification is rich and includes a few advanced systems. The 1,000 cc petrol engine produces only reasonable performance, For smooth traffic in the city. Fuel consumption is quite economical. The Toyota Aigo X is an efficient and well-designed urban vehicle.

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