Lexus LM is a luxury minivan that is a more luxurious version of the third-generation Alphard. The LM name stands for “Luxury Mover”. The LM is slightly longer than the Alphard it is based on, measuring at 5040mm long. There are 2 seating configurations, a 7-seater configuration that is based on the Alphard Executive Lounge variant, and a 4-seater configuration, that is based on the Alphard Royal Lounge variant.

Two engine options are available, a 2.5 2AR-FXE hybrid 4-cylinder in the LM 300h, and a 3.5 2GR-FKS V6 in the LM 350. this one is a LM 300h 2.5 hybrid variant

Engine Spec

2AR-FXE 2.5L DOHC 16 Value EFI N/A 4 Cylinder

Max.Power.Output 150 PS @ 5,700 rpm

Max.Torque.Output 206 Nm-Torque @ 4,400 – 4,800 rpm

Transmission. eCVT Automatic

Drivetrain. Four-Wheel-Drive (E-Four)

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