The Toyota Highlander has been a popular midsize SUV in America for nearly 25 years. However, its small 3rd row and trunk space limited its appeal to large families. To address this, Toyota introduced the Grand Highlander, which has been a best-seller for Toyota USA since its launch last summer. As of May 2024, almost 50,000 units have been sold this year. The Grand Highlander is selling almost as well as the regular Highlander, and only the Pilot and Explorer currently outsell it in the USA.

Equipped with a 2.4L Turbo Hybrid powertrain, the Grand Highlander delivers a robust 362 HP and 400 lb-ft of torque. Its electronic AWD and 6-speed AT enable it to accelerate from 0-60 MPH in just 5.5 seconds, making it about 1.5-2 seconds quicker than most of its rivals and 0.7 seconds faster than the last Mazda CX-90 Turbo S we tested. With 27 MPG combined, it’s also among the most fuel-efficient options in its class. The pricing for the base XLE trim starts at $43,000, but a fully-equipped model like the test car can cost $59,878, which is on par with other powerful entries like the Mazda CX-90 and Ford Explorer Platinum.

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