Tesla’s Cybertruck is finally nearing production, as evidenced by increased sightings of production vehicles on public roads. Tesla’s long-awaited Cybertruck will finally be delivered to customers on November 30 at its Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The Tesla Cybertruck has been the subject of memes, internet arguments, broken promises, and a lot of waiting, but evidence is mounting that it may actually be nearing full production. Musk initially planned to start production in late 2021 but pushed it back to 2023. He confirmed in January that production would begin this summer.

Tesla has been spotted with multiple Cybertrucks on delivery trucks, and one of the test vehicles has been seen with Ford F-150 and Toyota Tundra-inspired wraps. Tesla announced the Cybertruck would start at $39,900 for the single-motor RWD version and $69,900 for the tri-motor AWD version. Elon Musk hinted at a potential price increase due to it being a new car with a new manufacturing method, but we won’t really know for sure until Tesla itself confirms the initial selling price.

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