When you think of German sports cars, most likely you are also projecting the mental picture of a low-slung automobile with a rear engine and Porsche in its name, right?

Porsche 356 Hommage designed by Al Yasid 

I always thought there was something extraordinary about the look of the classic 356. They always stood out for me in many ways when it comes to Porsche, and I have imagined for a while how a new one would look these days. The Taycan-inspired front was also quite inevitable in the case of my designing this since I absolutely love the Taycan. Although, I am very tempted to go and do a v2 of this hommage concept somewhere down the line, with a front end more in line with the 911 models on today.
And now while writing this, I have a voice whispering – “What about the Speedster?”

I’ve had the chance to work on some projects involving the 356 in the past months along with some other custom Porsche projects, which has finally triggered me to get this one done.

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