It’s no secret that Buick is faltering in the US market. Despite the great sales and marketing successes in China, the brand continues to fall behind in its home country. After decades of the brand relaunch, new products, and new marketing, the brand is at its lowest point ever in the US. Now the product line is down to just three SUVs in the United States, and it seems  GM is waning on maintaining the brand. It would take a strong product to win back the young executive market that the brand represented some 60 years ago. Now we have an idea of ​​what this product could look like.

In a new rendering by artist Timothy Adry Emmanuel, we see a new vision of an ancient legend that has unfolded over several years. With a little imagination and some faith from GM, there should be no reason why GM wouldn’t introduce a new retro coupe to bring the dying brand back to life. While no one can say for sure what goes on behind closed doors, we imagine that one of Buick’s many refurbishment plans could include something like this.

a new iteration of the Buick Skylark would feature one of the fabulous 495-hp 6.2-liter V8 engines that GM uses in the C8 Corvette. Or the incredible 695 hp that consumers can find in the  Strom CT5-V. While both of those options are great, GM’s move to electric is imminent and a V8 isn’t long-term viable in today’s market. Much like GM’s surprise powertrain with the Hummer, a new Skylark would likely use an electric powertrain. With the Dodge E-Muscle on the horizon, GM needs a powerful electric car to compete in this rapidly evolving market.

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