Volvo’s new proprietary active safety platform features pedestrian detection and an industry-first ecall. Its more efficient powertrain is second to nut.

Interior and Tech

Every Improvement was made with one purpose: to make a driver’s job easier. The new distinct trim levels incorporate an eye-catching design that complements the cabin’s Innovative use of space. The all-new versatile bunk offers complete flexibility with how you use your living environment.

Interior lighting is very important for the driver. The control panel has been consolidated down to control parking, heater, radio, and other functions, and provides an environment that is perfect for drivers after driving with the all-new Vnl.

Some new features include a new stock that allows you to engage the different Drive modes, do engine braking, and paddle shift between transmission gears, as well as dedicated instrument views that allow the driver to focus on driving.


Volvo has introduced a proprietary active safety system on the all-new Vnl that gives drivers more time to react and reduces the risk of collision. It also protects drivers in the event of an accident.

Volvo has built a class-leading proprietary active safety platform into its DNA, constantly striving for the best. This platform helps drivers see, stop, and stay focused on the road.

The all-new Volvo Vnl is one of the most connected trucks in North America, and our proprietary active safety platform acts on our promise of being the industry leader in safety.


Ecall can notify Rescue Services automatically and provide a callback number in the event of a rollover or airbag deployment.

Fuel efficiency

Volvo Vnl is the most fuel-efficient truck on the road. Its aerodynamic improvements help you significantly increase fuel efficiency.

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