A CUV is what you buy when you want an SUV that’s more economical and more car-like. The segment has been booming all over the world, and Alfa Romeo is getting ready to capitalize on the success of its Stelvio by giving it a little brother.

The Tonale was an unexpected debut at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. There were no preview concepts, CEOs talking behind closed doors, or leaked photos until the very last moment.

Even though the Tonale doesn’t have the same styling as the Stelvio, it’s still one of the most interesting CUV models we’ve ever seen, right up there with the Mazda CX-5 and the Volvo XC40. If they manage to make a production model that looks this good, owners will look back and think “wow, that was money well spent.”

And the track record of the Fiat sub-brands has been getting better in recent years. Believe it or not, they have a compact pickup that turns heads. It’s called the Toro and is exclusive to South America. Fiat also revealed a BMW X6-like Sports Activity Coupe you probably don’t know about. What are the chances it’s related to the Tonale?

In any case, it’s become a tradition that every new SUV gets at least one pickup truck rendering because… just because. The poor old Alfa Romeo was feeling left out, so Aksyonov Nikita stepped in and gave us one.

But he didn’t stop there. Since the Velociraptor and G63 6×6 have changed the SUV trucking scene, Nikita also created a 6-wheel Alfa Romeo truck. It’s somehow also a sporty-looking machine. However, there’s even a rendering that comes close to imagining a sports version as well.

Alfa’s concept is a plug-in hybrid with a rear-mounted electric motor, which is a preview of things to come. “The electrification of Alfa Romeo comes at the service of sportiness and emphasizes the famous ‘Mechanics of Emotions’ mission of the brand,” as Alfa Romeo says. So in theory, you could have two of those motors and make a 6×6. 

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