Bugatti Type 57, created by Jean Bugatti, was a dream car back in 1930 and 1940, with only 710 examples produced. Such was the design of the Type 57 SC Atlantic coupe, particularly that it is to date one of the most desirable classic cars. Only four of the 57 SC were created between 1936 and 1938, with three of these still in existence. The fourth one is still being searched for over eight decades now! So you can ascertain the value of the Type 57 SC Atlantic from this fact. Rightfully the Bugatti Hommage 100 2036 concept by car designer Habib ORHAN can fill its shoes in a modern avatar of one of the greatest four-wheelers of the past century!

Habib designed the blueprint during the quarantine time in February 2021 for the Type 57 SC Atlantic-inspired concept highlighted by the vertical division with a raised seam running from the hinge to the bonnet. He imagines the futuristic electric-powered coupe in 2036 when the technical improvements make it easier to use carbon fiber for the chassis structure design. The spaceship-like C-shape (adapted from the Bugatti Ventoux Coupe) and the engine housed inside the wheels (yes, that’s not a typo!) give sneak-peak into the reimagined vehicles of the future. The concept maintains the proportions of the GT series for luxurious and emotional touch while incorporating a modern, sporty look.

Bugatti Hommage 100 2036’s tail design pays homage to the Atlantic with a riveted middle to make the car lighter. The same goes for the bonnet, which preserves the natural GT feel. Since the sporty coupe is meant for 2036, it comes with lights to emphasize the vertical line separation. It also projects the Bugatti logo on the front to lure modern car enthusiasts. A brilliant concept indeed by Habib that brings nostalgic memories of the GT series back to the future!

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