Chinese brand HiPhi has revealed the new all-electric hypercar called HiPhi A with 1,305hp from three motors and a 0-60mph time of just over 2.0 seconds. The A looks similar to the HiPhi Z with bold and aggressive styling, yet with more power and improved aerodynamics.

The HiPhi A shares the bonkers styling of the HiPhi Z with a swoopy fastback shape and an LCD panel for displaying messages. However, the LED tail lights have been replaced with huge vents and a thin LED strip. It boasts an incredibly aggressive front bumper, multiple fins, vents, and a large wing.

The HiPhi A features a tri-motor layout with one motor at the front and two at the back, delivering an impressive 1,305hp. Despite the high power output, the 0-60mph time is slightly slower than the Tesla Model S Plaid, but still incredibly quick.

The first deliveries of the HiPhi A are expected in 2025, with limited units available. No pricing information has been disclosed, but it is expected to be a six-figure investment. Car enthusiasts looking for an electric hypercar will need to act quickly to secure one of these limited-edition vehicles.

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