Toyota’s next-generation Tacoma pickup is due to add an electric powertrain to its lineup. Look for the so-called Tacoma Electric to go on sale a year or so after its gas-powered kin. While much about the 2024 Tacoma Electric remains under wraps, the truck may have made its first public appearance at a recent event by the automaker.

How Toyota integrates the electric powertrain within the truck’s frame is also a bit of a mystery. There’s the chance the company takes the same route Ford did with its F-150 Lightning full-size electric truck, which rides on powertrain-specific underpinnings but shares key body panels with its gas-swilling sibling. Then again, Toyota may save money by using the same frame for both gas- and electric-powered Tacomas. Regardless, we expect the Toyota truck to offer more than 200 miles of driving range and towing capacity that equals or exceeds its gas-powered brethren.

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