The Shelby GT500 models look different from the average Mustangs in many ways, from the emblems to the size of their fenders. Ford is probably developing the gt500 However, it is an independent concept from rendering artist Hycade, who specializing in making incredible widebody vehicles.

But the Mustang is the only car where a body kit as extreme as this will be manufactured by Clinched, Liberty Walk, or some other specialty company.

The 2024 Shelby GT500 Hycade vision involves making the fender flares tall. The hood gets attention Underneath that, the bumper has much deeper entrances with a black finish reminiscent of the Dark Horse.

The artist also gave the GT500 a lowered stance with high-performance tires and lightweight forged rims. Meanwhile, the rear flaunts quadruple exhaust tips and a large screwed wing in the trunk lid. Blue with white stripes looks like a natural color combination.

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