Rolls-Royce has unveiled the 2024 Spectre, its inaugural fully electric model, raising the bar for luxury electric vehicles.
The Spectre boasts a distinctive design, not just an electric version of the Wraith, and it’s built on the Phantom platform.
It is powered by a 577-horsepower electric motor with 665 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to reach 0-60 mph in approximately 4 seconds.
The base price for the Spectre starts at $423,000, but with optional features, the sticker price can go up to nearly $520,000, underlining the focus on luxury customization.
The interior is adorned with opulent materials like a leather-wrapped key, starry night headliner, and customizable Starlight doors. Unique features include self-closing doors, aluminum controls, and a serene, soundproof cabin with 400 lbs of sound deadening.
The infotainment system is equipped with a touchscreen using BMW technology, intuitive controls, and optional voice-activated functions.
The spacious rear seats offer individual climate controls and a starry sky headliner, maintaining luxury at every turn.
The driving experience combines ample power with exceptional silence and comfort, reflecting the hallmark of Rolls-Royce luxury. Despite a limited range of around 260 miles, the focus is on home charging convenience, a key part of Rolls-Royce’s broader EV lineup by 2030.

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